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The information on the site is from many sources, including a number of relatives from around the world who have contributed research, images, and stories. It is hoped that the information here will help others discover their ancestral roots and rediscover their living relatives.

Turner, Mellor, Strang and Chipper
Joshua Turner (1812-1870) of Sowerbridge, West Yorkshire, England emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia with his wife Nancy Mellor (1813-1894) and their children on the ship "Fairlie" on the 13th February 1840.
A tin plate photo, about 1861, of Joshua and Nancy, with daughter Mary
Nancy's father, Thomas Mellor (1795-1855) and his wife "Peg" Thornton (1786-1853) and families emigrated later on the ship "Fairlie" on the 7th July 1840. Adelaide, Australia.
Joshua and Nancy's son, Benjamin Turner (1853-1918), born in Adelaide, married Isabella Strang (1857-1893), is the daughter of Matthew Strang and Jessie Douglas, in 1875.
Benjamin and family about 1889.
Matthew Strang (1816-1901) married Janet "Jessie" Strang (1826-1860) of Gorbals, Scotland, arrived into Adelaide in 1852 aboard "William Stephenson".

Benjamin and Isabella's son, Alfred John Turner (1877-1938), born in SA, married May Louisa Chipper (1877-1938) in Perth, WA.
May Louisa Chipper is the daughter of George Frederick Whidby Chipper (1843-1878) born in Perth and Cecelia Trayhorne (1843-1926), born in Tasmania. Cecelia is the daughter of Richard Trayhorne (1804-1871) of Thornbury, Gloucestershire, who served in the British Army, in England, Nova Scotia, then Tasmania, then returned to England. He served as a pensioner guard on the convict ship "Hashemy" emigrating with his family, to Perth on 25th October, 1850.

George Frederick Whidby Chipper is the son of John Chipper and Mary Whidby.
John Chipper (1805-1871) and his wife Mary Whidby (1809-1878) emigrated from West Tarring, West Sussex, England with their family on the "Caroline" on the 12 October 1829 into Swan River, Perth, Western Australia.

Peacock, Hill, Laws and Smith
John Peacock (1812-1871) and his wife Elizabeth Doyle (1821-1871) of Limerick, Ireland arrived in Sydney Australia, on the 20th October 1841 on the ship "Livingston".

George Peacock (1880-1950), born in Yackandandah, Victoria, is the grandson of John Peacock and Elizabeth Doyle, married in Sydney in 1910 Irene May Laws (1889-1955).
George and Irene and family in Melbourne in 1910.
Irene May Laws is the grand daughter of William Laws (1820-1882) of Northfleet, Kent, England and Honor/Hannah Anderson (1825-1882) of Reed, Hertfordshire, England who married on 1845 in Sydney. Hannah, arrived as a servant on the "Elizabeth" in 1844.

Irene May Laws is the daughter of William Thomas Laws (1859-1912) and Tamzon Charlotte Smith (1859-1937).

Tamzon Charlotte Smith is the daughter of Henry Smith (1807-1867) of Chatham, Kent, England and Mary McKinnon (1820-1878), of Glasgow, Scotland. Henry arrived in Sydney before 1843 and Mary arrived in Sydney, from London on the transport vessel, the "Earl of Liverpool" in 1830.

Sibson, Sillis and Lashford
William Sibson (1812-1899) of Leicestershire, England and Elizabeth Hayes (1810-1845) arrived in Sydney on the "Royal Admiral" in 1839 with their son, William Sibson (1835-1905). William, the son, and Eleanor Pitty (1832-1874) of Duxford, Cambridgeshire, England were married in 1858 in Yass, NSW. Eleanor arrived, with her mother and siblings on the "Columbia", in Sydney in 1854.

Herbert Joseph Sibson (1886-1964) is the grandson of William and Eleanor Sibson. Herbert is the son of John Joseph Sibson (1970-1937) and Therese Amelia Winter (1863-1928), both born in Goulburn.

The Herbert Sibson family, about 1917 - his son Reg, wife Margaret 'Catherine'(Sillis), daughter Dot, Herbert, son Stan and and mother, Therese "Amelia" (Winter) Sibson.
Henry Sillis (1850-1938) of Norfolk, England and Margaret Cummins (1856-1933) born in NSW, married in 1851 in Crookwell, NSW.
Margaret Cummins is the daughter of John Cummins (1824-1863) and Margaret St John (1826-1912) who immigrated from Tipperary, Ireland in the "Vocalist" on 9 Oct 1856 into Sydney, NSW.
James Malcolm (b1877) of New Zealand and Ruby Lashford (1890-1984) of Sydney were married in New Zealand in 1912. Ruby is the daughter of William Lashford (1840-1919), born in Brighton, Sussex, England and Fanny Jane Proctor Dobbin (1846-1908), born in Sligo, Ireland. William and Fanny married in New Zealand. Fanny is the daughter of Thomas Dobbin (1817-1860) and mother Matilda Amanda Malvenia Proctor (1816-1893). Fanny and her mother and brother, immigrated to New Zealand, on the "Belgravia" in 1865.

For Bella, Hannah, Ava and Toby.

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