Genealogy of the Turner family
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Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -36.2173191666667, Longitude: 147.186768333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HILL, George  1946Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I264
2 O'BRIEN, Elizabeth  1951Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I351
3 O'BRIEN, Jeremiah  1948Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I349
4 O'BRIEN, John  1920Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I348
5 O'BRIEN, Michael  1944Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I354
6 PEACOCK, Margaret  1910Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I84

Electoral Roll

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Electoral Roll    Person ID 
1 O'BRIEN, Elizabeth  1914Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I351
2 O'BRIEN, Jeremiah  1909Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I349
3 O'BRIEN, Jeremiah  1914Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I349
4 O'BRIEN, Jeremiah  1919Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I349
5 O'BRIEN, Jeremiah  1924Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I349
6 O'BRIEN, Jeremiah  1936Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I349
7 O'BRIEN, Jeremiah  1942Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I349
8 O'BRIEN, John  1909Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I348
9 O'BRIEN, John  1909Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I355
10 O'BRIEN, John  1914Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I348
11 O'BRIEN, John  1914Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I355
12 O'BRIEN, John  1919Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I355
13 O'BRIEN, John  1924Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I355
14 O'BRIEN, Julia  1909Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I352
15 O'BRIEN, Julia  1914Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I352
16 O'BRIEN, Julia  1919Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I352
17 O'BRIEN, Michael  1909Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I354
18 O'BRIEN, Michael  1914Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I354
19 O'BRIEN, Michael  1919Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I354
20 O'BRIEN, Michael  1924Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I354
21 O'BRIEN, Michael  1936Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I354
22 O'BRIEN, Michael  1942Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I354
23 O'BRIEN, William  1914Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I353
24 O'BRIEN, William  1936Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I353
25 PEACOCK, Margaret  1909Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I84
26 PEACOCK, Michael  1909Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I86
27 PEACOCK, Michael  1914Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia I86