Genealogy of the Turner family
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Western Australia, Australia


Latitude: -25.3931233333333, Longitude: 122.042289722222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BIRCH, Dr. Lewis John  1858Western Australia, Australia I1773
2 CHIPPER, Amy Francis  1869Western Australia, Australia I376
3 CHIPPER, Donald John  1906Western Australia, Australia I1083
4 CHIPPER, Dympna May  1911Western Australia, Australia I3672
5 CHIPPER, Emma Amelia  21 Jan 1873Western Australia, Australia I377
6 CHIPPER, Henry Charles  1859Western Australia, Australia I123
7 CHIPPER, Mary Jane Olive  1837Western Australia, Australia I1174
8 CHIPPER, Stephen James  25 May 1835Western Australia, Australia I148
9 CHIPPER, Stephen James  1863Western Australia, Australia I150
10 CHIPPER, Unnamed F.  1884Western Australia, Australia I1093
11 CHIPPER, William Francis Whidby  Jun 1874Western Australia, Australia I164
12 DELLAR, Louis Arthur Bailey  1 Jan 1878Western Australia, Australia I29
13 HARRIS, Grace  17 Feb 1917Western Australia, Australia I3743
14 HARRIS, Un-Nnamed  2 Sep 1905Western Australia, Australia I3740
15 MCINTOSH, Ethelle  11 Jan 1884Western Australia, Australia I1048
16 MOULTON, Eda Maria  1878Western Australia, Australia I1124
17 O'KEEFE, Florence Thelma Kathleen  2 Sep 1917Western Australia, Australia I1531
18 O'KEEFE, Isabelle Margaret  2 Mar 1907Western Australia, Australia I1528
19 O'KEEFE, Jessie Phyllis  2 Sep 1919Western Australia, Australia I1532
20 RANFORD, Dorothea Constance "Connie"  1904Western Australia, Australia I3890
21 RANFORD, Steven George  1905Western Australia, Australia I3891
22 TOMELTY, Doris Ethel Margaret  19 Mar 1911Western Australia, Australia I1519
23 TURNER, Alma Joyce  2 Dec 1917Western Australia, Australia I1524
24 TURNER, Rita May  Abt 1915Western Australia, Australia I1478


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CHIPPER, John Frederick Whidby "Fred"  12 Jun 1889Western Australia, Australia I7
2 CHIPPER, Stephen James  30 Dec 1863Western Australia, Australia I150


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALBERT, Grace Gertrude  7 Jun 1890Western Australia, Australia I33
2 CHIPPER, Bertha Beatrice Mary Frances  22 Apr 1888Western Australia, Australia I1092
3 CHIPPER, Charles Ernest King  1917Western Australia, Australia I32
4 CHIPPER, Grace Ethel  2 Apr 1880Western Australia, Australia I139
5 CHIPPER, Henry Charles  Est 27 Dec 1894Western Australia, Australia I123
6 CHIPPER, Henry Richard  4 Aug 1892Western Australia, Australia I159
7 CHIPPER, Jane Francis  1895Western Australia, Australia I143
8 CHIPPER, Jessie Sophia  12 Oct 1892Western Australia, Australia I161
9 CHIPPER, John  21 Jan 1871Western Australia, Australia I1
10 CHIPPER, John Henry  16 May 1872Western Australia, Australia I31
11 CHIPPER, Mary Jane Olive  21 Sep 1839Western Australia, Australia I1174
12 CHIPPER, Richard William  22 Nov 1888Western Australia, Australia I374
13 CHIPPER, Victoria Hilda "Hilda"  19 Jan 1894Western Australia, Australia I1094
14 CHIPPER, William Francis Whidby  7 Nov 1874Western Australia, Australia I164
15 CHURCHYARD, Mary Ann  11 Feb 1914Western Australia, Australia I3739
16 COLLETT, Mabel Laura  24 Feb 1893Western Australia, Australia I3737
17 ENDERSBY, Elizabeth  2 Nov 1959Western Australia, Australia I3048
18 HARRIS, Amy Eileen  27 Apr 1983Western Australia, Australia I3742
19 HARRIS, Frederick William  6 Jun 1957Western Australia, Australia I3750
20 HARRIS, Grace  17 Feb 1917Western Australia, Australia I3743
21 HARRIS, John James  21 Jan 1929Western Australia, Australia I3736
22 HARRIS, Joseph  14 Nov 1896Western Australia, Australia I3745
23 HARRIS, Joseph King  9 Dec 1888Western Australia, Australia I3747
24 HARRIS, Mabel Emily  22 Jan 1966Western Australia, Australia I3741
25 HARRIS, Un-Nnamed  16 Sep 1905Western Australia, Australia I3740
26 HARWOOD, Joshua Josiah  25 May 1897Western Australia, Australia I1578
27 HOLLINGSWORTH, Eliza Mary Bane "May"  30 Oct 1952Western Australia, Australia I117
28 MAHER, Deirdre Kaye  13 Aug 2011Western Australia, Australia I1575
29 MALEY, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1878Western Australia, Australia I75
30 MCINTOSH, Ethelle  5 Feb 1956Western Australia, Australia I1048
31 MITCHELL, Jane Ann  17 Apr 1922Western Australia, Australia I3039
32 MOULTON, Abraham Walter  1861Western Australia, Australia I1110
33 MOULTON, Ada Maria  1872Western Australia, Australia I1111
34 MOULTON, Eda Maria  1879Western Australia, Australia I1124
35 PIESSE, Charles Austin  1915Western Australia, Australia I1629
36 READ, Ethel  4 Oct 1887Western Australia, Australia I1040
37 RICHARDS, John Kirwin  21 Jul 1897Western Australia, Australia I1187
38 STRANG, Mabel Isabella  28 Dec 1950Western Australia, Australia I402
39 TIGHE, Julia  18 Jun 1899Western Australia, Australia I1188
40 TRAYHORNE, Esther Rose  24 May 1886Western Australia, Australia I1104
41 WHIDBY, Mary  29 Oct 1878Western Australia, Australia I393


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Certificate    Person ID 
1 O'KEEFE, Elizabeth Eileen  12 Oct 1978Western Australia, Australia I1530
2 O'KEEFE, Ethel May  12 Oct 1978Western Australia, Australia I1529
3 O'KEEFE, Florence Thelma Kathleen  12 Oct 1978Western Australia, Australia I1531
4 O'KEEFE, Isabelle Margaret  12 Oct 1978Western Australia, Australia I1528
5 O'KEEFE, Jean Adell  12 Oct 1978Western Australia, Australia I1533
6 O'KEEFE, Jessie Phyllis  12 Oct 1978Western Australia, Australia I1532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 HARRIS, Joseph  1840Western Australia, Australia I3745


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Issue    Person ID 
1 CHIPPER, Dorothea Julia  4 Apr 1904Western Australia, Australia I127
2 CHIPPER, Henry Charles  4 Apr 1903Western Australia, Australia I123
3 CHIPPER, John Frederick Whidby "Fred"  30 Sep 1926Western Australia, Australia I7
4 CHIPPER, John Thomas Whidby  4 Apr 1903Western Australia, Australia I145
5 CHIPPER, Martha Amelia Ellen  4 Apr 1903Western Australia, Australia I77
6 CHIPPER, Mary Jane Elizabeth  4 Apr 1903Western Australia, Australia I122
7 CHIPPER, May Louisa  30 Sep 1926Western Australia, Australia I9
8 CHIPPER, Michael Nimbilope  4 Apr 1903Western Australia, Australia I125
9 CHIPPER, Rose Mary  30 Sep 1926Western Australia, Australia I8
10 CHIPPER, Stephen George Stanley "George"  4 Apr 1903Western Australia, Australia I120

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 NORRISH, Francis Ivan Victor  Abt 1919Western Australia, Australia I1086
2 NORRISH, James Samuel  14 Apr 1942Western Australia, Australia I3763
3 NORRISH, John William  Abt 1917Western Australia, Australia I136
4 NORRISH, Joseph William  Abt 1919Western Australia, Australia I1088
5 NORRISH, Raymond Richard John  Abt 1917Western Australia, Australia I1089
6 NORRISH, Raymond Richard John  Abt 1919Western Australia, Australia I1089


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Newspaper    Person ID 
1 CHIPPER, Victoria Hilda "Hilda"  25 Jan 1894Western Australia, Australia I1094
2 MAHER, Deirdre Kaye  19 Aug 2011Western Australia, Australia I1575
3 MOODY, Blair Sinclair  12 Dec 1952Western Australia, Australia I4004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Photos    Person ID 
1 CHIPPER, Gertrude Amelia Louise  Western Australia, Australia I135
2 CHIPPER, Gertrude Amelia Louise  Abt 1904Western Australia, Australia I135
3 HOLLINGSWORTH, Eliza Mary Bane "May"  1930Western Australia, Australia I117
4 JOY, Elizabeth Ellen "Lizzie"  Abt 1912Western Australia, Australia I1521
5 NORRISH, Francis Ivan Victor  Abt 1904Western Australia, Australia I1086
6 NORRISH, John Harold George  Abt 1904Western Australia, Australia I1087
7 NORRISH, John William  Abt 1904Western Australia, Australia I136
8 NORRISH, John William  Abt 1916Western Australia, Australia I136
9 NORRISH, Joseph William  Abt 1904Western Australia, Australia I1088
10 NORRISH, Joseph William  Abt 1904Western Australia, Australia I1088
11 NORRISH, Joseph William  Abt 1904Western Australia, Australia I1088
12 NORRISH, Raymond Richard John  Abt 1904Western Australia, Australia I1089
13 ROBB, William Malcolm "Malcom"  1982Western Australia, Australia I26
14 TURNER, Benjamin  Abt 1904Western Australia, Australia I51
15 TURNER, Benjamin  Abt 1912Western Australia, Australia I51
16 TURNER, Dorothy Louise  1982Western Australia, Australia I15
17 TURNER, Harold Herbert  Abt 1904Western Australia, Australia I204
18 TURNER, Harold Herbert  Abt 1912Western Australia, Australia I204
19 TURNER, John Herbert Whidby  1930Western Australia, Australia I11
20 TURNER, John Herbert Whidby  Abt 1940Western Australia, Australia I11
21 TURNER, John Herbert Whidby  1952Western Australia, Australia I11
22 TURNER, Margaret Cecelia  Abt 1940Western Australia, Australia I14


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COUNSEL / CHIPPER  1897Western Australia, Australia F119
2 INKPEN / CHIPPER  1890Western Australia, Australia F117
3 MORGAN / RICHARDS  1886Western Australia, Australia F406
4 PIESSE / CHIPPER  1877Western Australia, Australia F50
5 RICHARDS / MESSENGER  1902Western Australia, Australia F409
6 STIRLING / WRIGHT  1 Jul 1889Western Australia, Australia F572
7 WINSOR / STRANG  1913Western Australia, Australia F1095