Genealogy of the Turner family
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Halifax, Yorkshire, England


Latitude: 53.7212347222222, Longitude: -1.862225


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AMBLER, William  Abt 1833Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2490
2 BAINES, Charles Herbert  Between Jan and Mar 1865Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2426
3 BAINES, Hannah Elizabeth  Abt Jul 1854Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2921
4 BAINES, Joseph Mellor  1839Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2471
5 BAINES, Margaret June  Apr 1842Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2424
6 BAINES, Thomas  Abt 1849Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2487
7 FISHER, Elizabeth  1832Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1264
8 FISHER, Joshua  Abt 1809Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1262
9 MELLOR, Nancy  23 May 1813Halifax, Yorkshire, England I210
10 RILEY, Emily Jane Prestley  Abt 1869Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3097
11 RILEY, Gertrude  Abt 1875Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3103
12 RILEY, James  Abt 1872Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3099
13 TAYLOR, Hannah  Abt 1841Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2570
14 THOMAS, Clara Turner  Abt 1876Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3620
15 THOMAS, Hilda  Abt 1878Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3621
16 THOMAS, Horace  Abt 1889Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3626
17 THOMAS, Ida  Abt 1887Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3625
18 THOMAS, John Baines  29 Feb 1884Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3624
19 THOMAS, Leslie  Abt 1908Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3629
20 THOMAS, Maude  Abt 1882Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3623
21 THOMAS, Richard Roberts  Abt Jan 1880Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3622
22 WAYMAN, Frederick Ellis  Abt 1862Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2575
23 WAYMAN, Maurice Nigel  Dec 1908Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAINES, Hannah Elizabeth  Jul 1922Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2921
2 BAINES, John  Jun 1870Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1229
3 MELLOR, Harriet  1889Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 AMBLER, William  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2490
2 AMBLER, William  1901Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2490
3 BAINES, Charles Herbert  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2426
4 BAINES, Emily Florence  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2488
5 BAINES, Hannah Elizabeth  1861Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2921
6 BAINES, Hannah Elizabeth  1881Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2921
7 BAINES, Hannah Elizabeth  1901Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2921
8 BAINES, John  1841Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1229
9 BAINES, John  1861Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1229
10 BAINES, Joseph Mellor  1841Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2471
11 BAINES, Joseph Mellor  1861Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2471
12 BAINES, Joseph Mellor  1881Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2471
13 BAINES, Margaret June  1861Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2424
14 MELLOR, Harriet  1841Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1213
15 MELLOR, Harriet  1861Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1213
16 MELLOR, Harriet  1881Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1213
17 TAYLOR, Annie  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2491
18 TAYLOR, Annie  1901Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2491
19 THOMAS, Clara Turner  1881Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3620
20 THOMAS, Clara Turner  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3620
21 THOMAS, Clara Turner  1901Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3620
22 THOMAS, Hilda  1881Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3621
23 THOMAS, Hilda  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3621
24 THOMAS, Hilda  1901Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3621
25 THOMAS, Horace  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3626
26 THOMAS, Horace  1901Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3626
27 THOMAS, Ida  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3625
28 THOMAS, Ida  1901Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3625
29 THOMAS, John Baines  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3624
30 THOMAS, John Baines  1901Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3624
31 THOMAS, John Edward  1881Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2927
32 THOMAS, John Edward  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2927
33 THOMAS, John Edward  1901Halifax, Yorkshire, England I2927
34 THOMAS, Maude  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3623
35 THOMAS, Maude  1901Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3623
36 THOMAS, Richard Roberts  1881Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3622
37 THOMAS, Richard Roberts  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3622
38 THOMAS, Richard Roberts  1901Halifax, Yorkshire, England I3622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Document    Person ID 
1 MELLOR, Harriet  1889Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Newspaper    Person ID 
1 FOX, Mary  8 Apr 1835Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1214
2 MELLOR, Joseph  8 Apr 1835Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1202


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Photos    Person ID 
1 MELLOR, Harriet  Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1213
2 THORNTON, Margaret "Peggy"  Abt 1840Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1201


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Shipping    Person ID 
1 MELLOR, Delia "Lucy"  14 Feb 1840Halifax, Yorkshire, England I1203


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AMBLER / TAYLOR  Dec 1861Halifax, Yorkshire, England F909
2 BAINES / MELLOR  1838Halifax, Yorkshire, England F425
3 BAINES / TAYLOR  Between Apr and Jun 1864Halifax, Yorkshire, England F908
4 BARTON / BAINES  Sep 1892Halifax, Yorkshire, England F1154
5 FISHER / MELLOR  25 Dec 1830Halifax, Yorkshire, England F438
6 MELLOR / FOX  8 Apr 1835Halifax, Yorkshire, England F416
7 MELLOR / THORNTON  19 Aug 1805Halifax, Yorkshire, England F30
8 RILEY / BAINES  Dec 1861Halifax, Yorkshire, England F1090
9 THOMAS / BAINES  8 Dec 1875Halifax, Yorkshire, England F1091
10 THOMAS / BOTTOMLEY  Abt Jan 1905Halifax, Yorkshire, England F1341