Genealogy of the Turner family
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South Australia, Australia


Latitude: -30.2380958333333, Longitude: 135.831527777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROCK, Halcombe Ferrier  Abt 1887South Australia, Australia I1452
2 MELLOR, Jane  Abt 1876South Australia, Australia I1671
3 POWELL, Daphne Violet Edith  Abt 1910South Australia, Australia I2101
4 TURNER, Ian Ross  1 Jul 1940South Australia, Australia I1997
5 TURNER, Sue  15 Jan 1946South Australia, Australia I2001
6 TURNER, Valentine George  4 Mar 1918South Australia, Australia I2010


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Joan Eirene  11 Aug 2011South Australia, Australia I2472
2 BAGLIN, Charles Henry  3 Dec 1938South Australia, Australia I2723
3 BRUCE, Ken Wallace  5 Aug 1981South Australia, Australia I1860
4 CHESTERFIELD, Claude  29 Mar 1994South Australia, Australia I1712
5 COLTMAN, Sarah  12 Jun 1916South Australia, Australia I1421
6 FISHER, Francis Joseph  Between 1926 and 1930South Australia, Australia I1414
7 GARDINER, Charles Lennox  11 Oct 1938South Australia, Australia I1429
8 GOODHART, Elizabeth Alice Maud "Maud"  3 Feb 1925South Australia, Australia I1243
9 GOODHART, Mary Louisa "Louisa"  26 Jul 1943South Australia, Australia I1246
10 HAMES, Charles Edwin  22 Apr 1971South Australia, Australia I1501
11 HOOPER, Brian Herbert  4 Nov 1920South Australia, Australia I2894
12 INGHAM, Ernest Robert  29 Apr 1960South Australia, Australia I1379
13 LAWLER, Emma Jane  21 Jul 1948South Australia, Australia I1503
14 MALIN, Arthur Reginald  19 Aug 1952South Australia, Australia I1026
15 MALIN, Dorcas Emmeline  18 Aug 1955South Australia, Australia I1359
16 MALIN, Ella Marie  9 Sep 1951South Australia, Australia I1027
17 MALIN, Elsie Jane  4 Aug 1947South Australia, Australia I1028
18 MALIN, Frederick  16 Jul 1917South Australia, Australia I76
19 MALIN, Herbert Edwin  22 Aug 1921South Australia, Australia I1248
20 MALIN, Sidney  28 Jan 1920South Australia, Australia I79
21 MCCARTHY, Kathleen Agnes "Kate"  16 Nov 1947South Australia, Australia I2887
22 MELLOR, Alfred James  5 Aug 1956South Australia, Australia I1278
23 MELLOR, Arthur Neill  20 Oct 1952South Australia, Australia I1281
24 MELLOR, Jean Thornton  3 Jun 1947South Australia, Australia I1772
25 MELLOR, Mary Lucretia  23 Sep 1929South Australia, Australia I1312
26 MELLOR, Mary Taylor  14 Nov 1921South Australia, Australia I1673
27 MELLOR, Thomas  15 Mar 1855South Australia, Australia I245
28 MELLOR, Victoria May  13 Apr 1949South Australia, Australia I1297
29 NORRISH, Francis Ivan Victor  1983South Australia, Australia I1086
30 PENNINGTON, Georgina  1 Jun 1938South Australia, Australia I370
31 POMERY, Elva Georgina  4 Aug 2000South Australia, Australia I1859
32 POWELL, William George  8 Nov 1921South Australia, Australia I2106
33 STRANG, Herbert Edward  26 Aug 1950South Australia, Australia I395
34 TAYLOR, Eliza Harris  29 Oct 1904South Australia, Australia I1571
35 TURNER, Cheryl  29 Mar 2012South Australia, Australia I2007
36 TURNER, Hannah  Bef 1860South Australia, Australia I1186
37 TURNER, Herbert James  20 Nov 1966South Australia, Australia I592
38 TURNER, John Herbert Whidby  12 Oct 1978South Australia, Australia I11
39 TURNER, Lily Georgina  21 Mar 1960South Australia, Australia I1032
40 TURNER, Olive Helen  24 Nov 1984South Australia, Australia I1034
41 TURNER, Valda Joyce  18 Sep 1972South Australia, Australia I2004
42 TURNER, Valentine George  1979South Australia, Australia I2010
43 TURNER, William John "Will"  14 Apr 1961South Australia, Australia I1036
44 WALKER, Elizabeth  1891South Australia, Australia I2242
45 WALKER, William John Henry  South Australia, Australia I1259
46 WHITE, Eliza  7 Oct 1919South Australia, Australia I1225
47 WHITE, Kate  7 Feb 1942South Australia, Australia I328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 TURNER, Joshua  1841South Australia, Australia I209


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land    Person ID 
1 MELLOR, Thomas  1843South Australia, Australia I245


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Newspaper    Person ID 
1 Joan Eirene  2011South Australia, Australia I2472
2 ARNOT, Agnes McLeod  Jun 1997South Australia, Australia I2236
3 BAGLIN, Dulcie Kitty  4 Dec 1939South Australia, Australia I2729
4 BAGLIN, Edith Edna  4 Dec 1939South Australia, Australia I2005
5 BAGLIN, Eileen  4 Dec 1939South Australia, Australia I2727
6 BAGLIN, Elsie May  4 Dec 1939South Australia, Australia I2730
7 BAGLIN, Muriel Evelyn  4 Dec 1939South Australia, Australia I2726
8 BAGLIN, Sylvia Jean "Jean"  4 Dec 1939South Australia, Australia I2728
9 BAGLIN, Viola Mattie "Mattie"  4 Dec 1939South Australia, Australia I2725
10 BROCK, Daniel George  29 Jan 1842South Australia, Australia I1419
11 CONSTABLE, Kitty  4 Dec 1939South Australia, Australia I2724
12 CONSTABLE, Kitty  3 Dec 1943South Australia, Australia I2724
13 GOODHART, David Woide  1973South Australia, Australia I1890
14 GOODHART, Dr. Richard Akhurst  1988South Australia, Australia I1891
15 MELLOR, Delia "Lucy"  29 Jan 1842South Australia, Australia I1203
16 MELLOR, James Taylor  24 Nov 1886South Australia, Australia I1292
17 MOODY, Blair Sinclair  2 Mar 1945South Australia, Australia I4004
18 TURNER, Valda Joyce  2 Mar 1945South Australia, Australia I2004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Photos    Person ID 
1 FREEMAN, George John  Abt 1882South Australia, Australia I3542
2 STRANG, Adelaide Isabella  Abt 1894South Australia, Australia I406
3 STRANG, Beatrice Emma  Abt 1894South Australia, Australia I317
4 STRANG, Elizabeth Ruby "Ruby"  Abt 1894South Australia, Australia I407
5 STRANG, Mabel Isabella  Abt 1894South Australia, Australia I402
6 STRANG, Violet Jessie "Jessie"  Abt 1894South Australia, Australia I3716


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 DAWSON, Jane  18 Oct 1911South Australia, Australia I3034


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROCK / MELLOR  29 Jan 1842South Australia, Australia F492
2 FOSTER / HOOPER  31 Mar 1934South Australia, Australia F1468
3 HAMES / BARNES  10 Oct 1914South Australia, Australia F1124
4 HAMES / BRIDEOAKE  14 Aug 1914South Australia, Australia F1125
5 HOOPER /   22 Apr 1942South Australia, Australia F1472
6 HOOPER / BRUCE  7 Mar 1936South Australia, Australia F1469
7 HOOPER / LEWIS  9 Feb 1909South Australia, Australia F1075
8 LESLIE / RODGERS  9 Jul 1924South Australia, Australia F1444
9 NEWBOLD / HOOPER  4 Sep 1937South Australia, Australia F1471
10 NORRISH / DONOVAN  1932South Australia, Australia F1331
11 PIERCY / TULLER  2 Apr 1931South Australia, Australia F1382
12 TURNER / BRISTOW  14 Mar 1944South Australia, Australia F461