Genealogy of the Turner family
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New South Wales, Australia


Latitude: -32.1742325, Longitude: 147.067458888889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARRY, Catherine Teresa  1 Dec 1860New South Wales, Australia I690
2 BYRNE, Susanah  12 Feb 1823New South Wales, Australia I998
3 CHRISTIAN, Alfred E.  1889New South Wales, Australia I930
4 CHRISTIAN, Fred T.  1895New South Wales, Australia I933
5 CHRISTIAN, Hilda R.  1891New South Wales, Australia I931
6 CHRISTIAN, Ida E.  1901New South Wales, Australia I934
7 CHRISTIAN, Mary A.  1887New South Wales, Australia I572
8 CHRISTIAN, Robert D.  1885New South Wales, Australia I571
9 CHRISTIAN, William H.  1893New South Wales, Australia I932
10 CROWE, John Joseph  9 Apr 1845New South Wales, Australia I3471
11 CUNNINGHAM, Cecil Francis Worthington  27 Jul 1905New South Wales, Australia I976
12 DOYLE, Mary Gertrude  1875New South Wales, Australia I609
13 DWYER, Mary Catherine  Abt 1857New South Wales, Australia I683
14 HAMES, Jean  1919New South Wales, Australia I1892
15 HYETT, Horace Walter G.  1868New South Wales, Australia I578
16 HYETT, Septilia May  1873New South Wales, Australia I579
17 LAZARUS, Cora  1892New South Wales, Australia I964
18 LAZARUS, Desmond  1890New South Wales, Australia I963
19 LOUND, Ernest Augustus  1869New South Wales, Australia I944
20 LOUND, Ernest Elywin  1894New South Wales, Australia I948
21 LOUND, Frederick A.  1905New South Wales, Australia I949
22 LOUND, Henry E.  1893New South Wales, Australia I947
23 LOUND, Norman G.  1911New South Wales, Australia I950
24 MACKENZIE, Albert A.  1885New South Wales, Australia I942
25 MACKENZIE, Edith M.  1899New South Wales, Australia I943
26 MARCHANT, Geoffrey Norman  29 May 1920New South Wales, Australia I190
27 PAGE, Mary Susanna  1880New South Wales, Australia I555
28 PAGE, Thomas Nickson  26 Sep 1885New South Wales, Australia I553
29 PEACOCK, Hilda Gwenyth "Peg"  23 Jul 1922New South Wales, Australia I102
30 PITTY, Alfred S.  1886New South Wales, Australia I924
31 PITTY, Alice Maude M.  1880New South Wales, Australia I926
32 PITTY, Gladys M.  1894New South Wales, Australia I959
33 PITTY, John G.  1865New South Wales, Australia I539
34 PITTY, John W. R.  1904New South Wales, Australia I961
35 RYAN, Emily M.  1885New South Wales, Australia I790
36 SEAGE, Patrick J.  1869New South Wales, Australia I830
37 SIBSON, Albert Henry  Abt 1862New South Wales, Australia I519
38 STAIN, Esma  1886New South Wales, Australia I789
39 STEAD, Ivy H.  1895New South Wales, Australia I968
40 STEAD, Lovel T. B.  1898New South Wales, Australia I969
41 STEAD, Ottie L. M.  1891New South Wales, Australia I966
42 STEAD, Veronica  1892New South Wales, Australia I967
43 WARRINGTON, Thomas  Abt 1809New South Wales, Australia I603
44 WARRINGTON-FRY-MALONE, William  8 Jun 1812New South Wales, Australia I604
45 WORTHINGTON, Agnes B.  Abt 1890New South Wales, Australia I663
46 WORTHINGTON, Aloysius  Abt 1900New South Wales, Australia I702
47 WORTHINGTON, Anne  28 Apr 1839New South Wales, Australia I584
48 WORTHINGTON, Austin Patrick  Abt 1882New South Wales, Australia I678
49 WORTHINGTON, Cecil W.  1903New South Wales, Australia I978
50 WORTHINGTON, Edmund Barry  5 Feb 1885New South Wales, Australia I694
51 WORTHINGTON, Edward C.  1904New South Wales, Australia I979
52 WORTHINGTON, Hubert William  Abt 1875New South Wales, Australia I655
53 WORTHINGTON, James A.  Abt 1888New South Wales, Australia I689
54 WORTHINGTON, Janet  1902New South Wales, Australia I977
55 WORTHINGTON, Joseph  Abt 1884New South Wales, Australia I687
56 WORTHINGTON, Josephine R. Grace  Abt 1882New South Wales, Australia I692
57 WORTHINGTON, Reginald Mark  Abt 1880New South Wales, Australia I677
58 WORTHINGTON, Teresa Mary  12 Mar 1888New South Wales, Australia I695
59 WORTHINGTON, William  6 Aug 1841New South Wales, Australia I591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARRY, Mary  18 Aug 1924New South Wales, Australia I621
2 BREAKELL, Amy Jessie  1980New South Wales, Australia I312
3 CROWE, Basil James  1981New South Wales, Australia I3485
4 CROWE, Francis John  1975New South Wales, Australia I3486
5 EGAN, Bridget  10 May 1887New South Wales, Australia I639
6 FIELD, Ernest Edward  1879New South Wales, Australia I634
7 FISHER, Martha  1927New South Wales, Australia I533
8 HALVORSON, James Albert  16 Aug 1983New South Wales, Australia I2997
9 HAYES, Elizabeth  9 Apr 1845New South Wales, Australia I708
10 HYETT, Elizabeth Ann  1939New South Wales, Australia I575
11 HYETT, Septilia May  1933New South Wales, Australia I579
12 HYETT, Stephen  1901New South Wales, Australia I545
13 KING, Elizabeth  1908New South Wales, Australia I923
14 LAWS, Arthur Reginald  1955New South Wales, Australia I87
15 LAWS, Ella Mary  1976New South Wales, Australia I89
16 LAWS, Ella May  1975New South Wales, Australia I255
17 MARCHANT, Douglas George  1979New South Wales, Australia I192
18 MULHOLLAND, Cecelia Mary  Est 28 May 1968New South Wales, Australia I492
19 PAGE, Frank Watsford  3 Jun 1943New South Wales, Australia I3865
20 PAGE, Thomas George  1982New South Wales, Australia I3864
21 PITTY, Clara Anne  1908New South Wales, Australia I529
22 PITTY, Ellen C.  1931New South Wales, Australia I537
23 PRICE, Clarabell  1975New South Wales, Australia I847
24 REARDON, Agnes Gertrude  Est 16 Apr 1957New South Wales, Australia I650
25 REARDON, Maria  1927New South Wales, Australia I653
26 SATCHELL, Brendan Mark  1978New South Wales, Australia I2650
27 SATCHELL, Leslie Malcolm  1979New South Wales, Australia I2620
28 SATCHELL, Ralph De Warden  1974New South Wales, Australia I2618
29 SIBSON, Edna  14 Oct 1930New South Wales, Australia I3216
30 SIBSON, William Stanley  Est 1 Sep 1968New South Wales, Australia I449
31 SILLIS, Clifford Francis  1974New South Wales, Australia I2589
32 SILLIS, Elizabeth Mary "Connie"  1978New South Wales, Australia I173
33 SILLIS, James Robert  1976New South Wales, Australia I3208
34 TOWERS, Mary  1876New South Wales, Australia I527
35 WHIPP, Laurie Isabella Constance  26 Mar 1978New South Wales, Australia I179
36 WINTER, Frances  1895New South Wales, Australia I517
37 WINTER, James  1906New South Wales, Australia I516
38 WORTHINGTON, Catherine  1847New South Wales, Australia I583
39 WORTHINGTON, Edmund Barry  Abt 1886New South Wales, Australia I694
40 WORTHINGTON, Eleanor Mary  1914New South Wales, Australia I619
41 WORTHINGTON, Florence Gertrude  29 Jul 1889New South Wales, Australia I693
42 WORTHINGTON, Harold Bertrum  1976New South Wales, Australia I794
43 WORTHINGTON, Henrietta  Abt 1863New South Wales, Australia I620
44 WORTHINGTON, Josephine R. Grace  29 Jul 1889New South Wales, Australia I692
45 WORTHINGTON, Mary Louisa  Abt 1877New South Wales, Australia I667
46 WORTHINGTON, Patrick Alexander  Abt 1889New South Wales, Australia I674
47 WORTHINGTON, Reginald William  1980New South Wales, Australia I3505
48 WORTHINGTON, Ruby Madeline  1979New South Wales, Australia I698
49 WORTHINGTON, William  1922New South Wales, Australia I591
50 WORTHINGTON, William Horace  1981New South Wales, Australia I3503


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SILLIS, Henry  Est 4 Oct 1938New South Wales, Australia I98


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Informant    Person ID 
1 LASHFORD, William  19 Feb 1908New South Wales, Australia I421
2 LASHFORD, William Henry Dobbin  21 Jun 1919New South Wales, Australia I466
3 WORTHINGTON, James Joseph  1889New South Wales, Australia I565


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Issue    Person ID 
1 LASHFORD, Amanda Malvenia  19 Feb 1908New South Wales, Australia I455
2 LASHFORD, Amanda Malvenia  21 Jun 1919New South Wales, Australia I455
3 LASHFORD, Edith  19 Feb 1908New South Wales, Australia I462
4 LASHFORD, Edith  21 Jun 1919New South Wales, Australia I462
5 LASHFORD, Eva May  15 Feb 1908New South Wales, Australia I424
6 LASHFORD, Eva May  21 Jun 1919New South Wales, Australia I424
7 LASHFORD, Fanny Eliza  19 Feb 1908New South Wales, Australia I464
8 LASHFORD, Fanny Eliza  21 Jun 1919New South Wales, Australia I464
9 LASHFORD, Mary Alice Anne  19 Feb 1908New South Wales, Australia I453
10 LASHFORD, Mary Alice Anne  21 Jun 1919New South Wales, Australia I453
11 LASHFORD, Robert Lawrence  19 Feb 1909New South Wales, Australia I467
12 LASHFORD, Robert Lawrence  21 Jun 1919New South Wales, Australia I467
13 LASHFORD, Ruby  19 Feb 1908New South Wales, Australia I74
14 LASHFORD, Ruby  21 Jun 1919New South Wales, Australia I74
15 LASHFORD, Sibella Martha "Bella"  19 Feb 1908New South Wales, Australia I456
16 LASHFORD, Sibella Martha "Bella"  21 Jun 1919New South Wales, Australia I456
17 LASHFORD, William Henry Dobbin  19 Feb 1908New South Wales, Australia I466
18 LASHFORD, William Henry Dobbin  21 Jun 1919New South Wales, Australia I466
19 LASHFORD, Williamina Elizabeth "Minnie"  19 Feb 1908New South Wales, Australia I457
20 WINTER, Mary  4 Apr 1915New South Wales, Australia I183
21 WINTER, Theresa Amelia "Amelia"  4 Apr 1915New South Wales, Australia I97

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 SIBSON, Reginald Joseph "Reg"  1927New South Wales, Australia I67


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 WINTER, Sarah Agnes  4 Apr 1915New South Wales, Australia I185


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 LAWS, Irene May  15 Aug 1955New South Wales, Australia I36
2 PEACOCK, George William  9 Nov 1951New South Wales, Australia I35


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHRISTIAN / MCKENNA  1909New South Wales, Australia F314
2 CROCKETT / LASHFORD  15 Jul 1931New South Wales, Australia F1193
3 CUSACK / O'SHAUGHNESSY  1874New South Wales, Australia F1277
4 DWYER / RYAN  1857New South Wales, Australia F187
5 EHSMAN / STEAD  1914New South Wales, Australia F330
6 LOUND / BAMFORD  1916New South Wales, Australia F320
7 LOUND / HYETT  1892New South Wales, Australia F317
8 LOUND / MEYN  1861New South Wales, Australia F318
9 MACKENZIE / HYETT  1884New South Wales, Australia F316
10 MACKENZIE / LEVERTON  1911New South Wales, Australia F328
11 MONKS / HANLON  1854New South Wales, Australia F1478
12 PITTY / KING  1877New South Wales, Australia F309
13 PITTY / PLUMB  1914New South Wales, Australia F310
14 SMITH / STEAD  1910New South Wales, Australia F329
15 STEAD / DEAVES  1927New South Wales, Australia F331
16 WORTHINGTON / IRELAND  1935New South Wales, Australia F334
17 WORTHINGTON / LEANEY  1921New South Wales, Australia F1284
18 WORTHINGTON / NEALE  1934New South Wales, Australia F333